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New Year = New Resolutions

January 12, 2017

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Here we are, at the start of a New Year and once again thinking of New Year’s resolutions. It looks like it is the trend topic for the first 10-15 days of January, with plenty of articles online and on magazines and people asking which are yours…because you have to have one ?!

Statistics state that New Year’s resolutions stick in people’s mind for about 3 weeks, after that they become…just an old intention…a good one but old!

As everybody we thought about ours – how to escape?! We compiled our list and we will try to make our efforts to last more than 3 weeks!

  1. Do less things we don’t like and more things we like. The inspiration came from one of our customers, Ika who is sticking to this resolution since a few months and seeing how happy she is now, we must try as well! We liked it and we decided to borrow this idea and make it our New Year Resolution n.1!
  2. Start this (sort of) blog – we are not blogger, English is not our mother tongue and we don’t have lots of time to dedicate to it….challenge alert! Let’s see how long it lasts!
  3. Cook and bake more from scratch, try new recipes, adventure different types of cuisines. You might think that we already cook and bake a lot due to our job…sadly is not so true cause of the busy London life (although we are quite above the average!). This should be an easy resolution though as we love cooking and baking. It takes away the stress of a busy life allowing us to relax while also sticking to resolution n.1: do more things we like! And our partners and friends already like the idea of being our guinea pigs and taste our recipes!

Ok 3 should be enough! Plus we have all the usual we repeat ourselves every year (e.g. to lose weight, anyone?! How many years did you tell this to yourself?!) and the more they are the less chances we will be able to stick to them 😉

So happy New Year everybody and have a fabulous 2017!

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